Eircom - Software Development - Partner Portal

Online Compliance portal to check line quality

Microsoft - Software Development - .NET Training

Training and IT Consultancy

ModusLink - Software Development - Audit Portal

Customer Portal for product ordering

Siemens - Software Development - CRM

Implement Customer Relationship Management solutions in Banking Department

Dell - Software Development - Self Service Portal

Develop Environmental Compliance Reporting Solution

General Electric - Solution Architecture - Exchange

Implement cloud services throughout the European offices

Sony - Partner Portal

Develop a self service portal for clients to manage sony device they own

First Active - Employee Purchasing Portal

Self-Service portal for internal purchasing

Gateway - Software Development - Audits

Develop an audit portal for resellers in EMEA

Worldcom - Software Development - Web Reporting

Create a reporting portal for call cost management

Self Service Kiosk

Time & Attendance Kiosk for Cleaning Staff

Proof of Service Compliance

Proof of Service Compliance Portal

Self Service Kiosk

NFC integration for Partner Management

Compliance Software with NFC tracking

Develop Deep Cleaning Compliance Software with NFC

  • IT Consultancy


    Providing IT Solutions

  • IT Development Projects


    IT Projects Delivered

  • Audit Software


    Cloud Hosting (in TB)

  • Incident Software


    Active Users Supported


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