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Track your company's sustainability goals with software solutions by New Avenue.

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New Avenue is an Environmental Compliance Solution Provider

You Deserve more than an excel sheet

Track your company's sustainability goals now with software solutions by New Avenue.

  • Track Sustainability Data

    All your sustainability data in one location.

  • Track Environmenal Certificates

    Track all your certification for advanced ESG reporting like R2, ISO, eStewards or Eco Start Rating certificates.

  • Complete Compliance Solutions

    Track and report placed on market electronic waste, packaging, batteries or lamps.

  • Track your energy usage and carbon footprint.

    Track your energy usage and carbon footprint.

  • Track downstream environmental and sustainability goals.

    Track your downstream partners environmental and sustainability goals.

We help businesses with their

Environmental Compliance

We have the knowledge to deliver solutions that work for every company who need to track environmental or sustainability data.

Sustainability Goals

All your data in one place

Upload your placed on market data, sustainability and impact activities, commitments, KPIs, SDG pledges, certificates, reports and downstream eco ratings. Then easily track, manage and generate all the required environmental reports.

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Track Your Sustainability Goals

Track your sustainability goals

All your environmental, Sustainability Activities, ESG Commitments, KPIs, Energy Usage, Impacts, Certificates and Reports can be generated with 1 solution.

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Track your downstream supply chain

Track your downstream supply chain

Consolidate all your downstream supply chain data and understand the impact your supply chain is making on the environment.

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