Audits, Inspections and Corrective Action Plans

Audits, Inspections and Corrective Action Plans

Our solution helps organisations to plan, manage and performs audits using mobile technology and smart tags.

Online Audit Management

Our solution helps organisations to plan, manage and perform audits using mobile technology and smart tags. From vehicle inspections, site safety audits, hygiene inspections to GDPR audits can be done through our solution. We also allow the auditor or inspector to create a corrective action plan while performing the audit.

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Online Paperless Audits

We implement paperless audit solutions to increase operational efficiency and avoid risk. Minimising time needed to comply with regulatory requirements can be key to ensuring that your company is able to reduce compliance risks.

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Online CAP Management

We can implement a CAP (corrective Action Plan) management system for your company to log and track improvements.

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Audit, Inspection and Corrective Action Plans

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