Online Compliance Training Software

Online Compliance Training Software

Our solution provides organisations and health and safety consultants the tools to move their compliance training online.

Online Training for Product, Compliance & Policy

We build solutions that provide organisations the tools to move their training online. It makes it easy to invite staff to attend training online, complete tests and generate and distribute certificates. We provide the tools and reports to keep track of who has been trained and which certificates are going out of date. Moving compliance training online reduces cost while creating a culture of compliance.

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Online Learning Management

Product, Policy and regulatory changes require you to provide training on a regular basis. Traditional classroom training can be an expensive and time-consuming way to inform staff of updated policies and procedures. With online training, your staff or customers can login to our learning management system and keep up-to-date with updated policies in a modern and interactive way. 

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Online Tracking of Learning

We can implement custom online learning management system allows you to track employee progress and quickly view their results. You can also generate and email certificates giving your staff a wonderful feeling of achievement. You can run reports to check when certificates go out of date and ensure your staff or customers are trained on a regular basis.

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