Enterprise Risk Management Software

Enterprise Risk Management Software

Our Enterprise risk Management (ERM) software is an action-based enterprise solution that aims to identify, assess and prepare for any dangers, hazards and other potential risks.

Digital Risk Register

Create a register of all the risks that may interfere with your organisation's operations. Our solution not only helps you register all risks but also involves implementing an action plan that reduces them.

We help you create a culture of reducing risk throughout the enterprise.

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Digital Action Based Risk Management

Each item on the risk register is mapped to your list of actions. As the business changes, these actions can be changed.

This process helps drive managing your risk in an orderly way as each activity can be assigned a responsible party and a repeatable due date.

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Digital Single View, Real Time Risk Dashboard

You will never need to worry again about overlooking an item of risk. Our solution will inform you beforehand where potential risks are likely. It automatically sends the necessary notifications to the responsible staff to complete the activity, removing email churn while transparently and automatically logging all actions for an accurate, real time view on risk status and historical reporting. 

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